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ISBN: 9781781840047
June 2012
106 Pages
Bondage/ Historical/ Multicultural/ Rubenesque
Rating: 2 Cups

Chickadee Devereux is a woman who is used to getting what she wants. Right now what she wants is to explore Arnaud Petit and his marvelous invention.

Arnaud has a taste for adventure, inventions, and delicious women ripe for the plucking. When he spots Chickadee at the Great Exhibition, he knows he will have the sensual girl in his arms.

Chickadee uses her femininity and passion for science on Arnaud, expecting him to fall under her spell. Not only does she want to feel the desire that is dancing just under the inventor’s skin, she wants the mechanical horse that he has brought to the exhibit to show other inventors like himself. But this is not Arnaud’s first dance in a world of science and sex, and he holds his own against the spoiled temptress who is teeming with sensual fire. Can Arnaud and Chickadee get past their own stubbornness and invent a life together that will be full of love, laughter, and steamy passion, or is this one experiment that is doomed to fail?

Chickadee starts off with a tantalizing bang as the female character explodes onto the scene blazing with a promise of passion and eroticism that oozes off of her. But once I got past the hedonistic wording, I realized there was not much substance to the tale. I found that Chickadee annoyed me with her blatantly bratty ways and arrogant demeanor and Arnaud’s high-handedness toward her did not make it any easier. The parts of this book that were its saving grace was the way Ms. Payne used her wonderful mind to paint a picture for the reader that truly gave me the sense of passion and eroticism that these two characters emoted. Overall I was disappointed in the lack of substance in the plotline but tantalized with the erotic scenery that I encountered.

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