Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 987-1-60659-604-3
May 2011
Phaze Books
136 Pages
Gay Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The glitz and glamour of being a world-renowned pop star is something that Trinity Warren has gotten used to, but has never enjoyed. Outside of his music, Trinity leads a very quiet and private life, some would even say sheltered.

Motorcycles have always meant freedom and escape from life and family pressures for Brennan Demarcus. He and his father have never seen eye to eye, and for Brennan that often led to feelings of anger and self-doubt.

A rain-slicked road is no place for a speeding motorcycle, and Trinity is horrified when one rams into the front end of his limo. Brennan barely awakens to see an angel holding his head, and from that moment his heart comes alive once again. Brennan was not expecting what he found in Trinity, but he is too enamored to care, and Trinity feels very much the same. Both men are quite young with very public careers, and the strain of public scrutiny may be far too harsh for such a tender and new relationship.

Age is a relative thing when you live with so much responsibility and pressure, and Trinity and Brennan seem to have that in common. They are old souls in young bodies, and yet they both possess an innocence that is wonderfully refreshing. I really enjoyed how both characters are from completely different backgrounds, but they still feel very much like kindred spirits. They cry, laugh, and love, and you feel every emotion right along with them.

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