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Book 8 in the Megalodon Team series
ISBN# 978-0-557-08302-2
December 2009
£10.03 paperback £3.25 e-book
267 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

James Chayton Lonetree (Maverick) is a navy seal, a job he loves. But as a Lakota, his parents have plans for him which involves him marrying a woman he has no interest in. After an aimless ride, Maverick finds himself in Albuquerque with a feeling that he needs to be there.

When Maverick walks into her bar, Tempest has the shock of her life; well at least a close second to finding out she was pregnant at 13. What does he want after all these years? If he wanted to be part of Dakota’s life, why wait until he was an adult? He is not going to hurt Tempest again.

Maverick and Tempest have a lot to work out between them. Finding out he has a grown son is a big shock for Maverick, and Tempest has to learn to trust him after years of blaming him for leaving her to raise their son alone.

Chayton’s Tempest is full of love, hate, hurt and trust brought together into an amazing story of fate working to bring people together despite childhood betrayal by their parents. Maverick is determined to know his son and love Tempest regardless of how much she fears love and commitment. Ms. Burke has written a spectacular story to complete the taming of the Seal Megalodon Team

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