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ISBN# 978-1-61922-012-6
17th Decemeber 2013
Samhain Publishing
144 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating 4 cups

A holiday in Vegas alone is not exactly Samantha's idea of a fun time away, but it is a break from the bookstore and she really could do with the rest. When she finds herself in a large suite, she wonders if there has been a mistake. What she finds in the bathroom, well, that is just the start of her surprises.

When Ethan checks into his hotel and is told Samantha has already arrived, he is a little shocked. When he arrives in the suite to find the cutest little innocent red-head, he knows there has been a mistake. He just doesn't know if he wants it corrected or not.

Ethan and Sam's lives are worlds apart, but something draws them together, and the open honesty of their meeting allows them a level of trust Ethan does not often find outside of work colleagues.

There is a rare complexity to Ms Dean's characters, matched only by the mastery with which she develops both the story and the characters together and individually. Most people would not have considered even introducing a quiet, shy, small town book-seller to a porn star, but no one can argue they make an extraordinary couple

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