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ISBN# 9781607775294
10 October 2012
Ravenous Romance
158 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

With so much in his life to be thankful for, Jim Darling-Mayfield feels bad, wishing for that old spark to come back in the bedroom. He and Len lead such busy lives right now that Jim worries they may never experience the same level of arousal, which used to come so easily.

Unwilling to freak out his husband, Len Mayfield has buried his kinky side since they have been together. Those urges, however, are starting to get hard to ignore, so it may be time to introduce them to Jim, a little at a time.

The months since Len’s son Cain died in a tragic car accident have taken their toll on Jim and Len both. Their world is now centered around raising Cain’s son, Culum, which does not leave much time for intimacy, though that is about to change. Jim is very uncertain about Len’s need to get back into BDSM, yet he loves him so much he is willing to give it a try. What he does not count on, however, is how much it will change him and his feelings about living this type of lifestyle.

The love between Jim and Len is obvious right from the beginning, especially on Jim’s part, as he is definitely more verbal and demonstrative with his feelings. However, one of the most contentious aspects of this story, in my opinion, is Jim’s introduction into BDSM, which feels like being pushed into the deep end with no idea how to swim. They trust and love each other enough that, even though Len pushes hard and fast, readers do not doubt Jim’s willingness to try. Hopefully, they will come back for more, once they have their dude ranch up and running.

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