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ISBN#: 978-01449976786
January 2010
Moongypsy Press
380 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Charlotte is one of three psychic triplets. The girls were separated at birth, and she was raised as Char by a Gypsy family. She does not feel like she fits in with either the gypsies or with the gadje people. She has pale skin, auburn hair, and is very beautiful.

Rafael is half Spanish and half Gypsy, but chooses to live the Gypsy life. He is betrothed to the fiery Char, but she does not trust him. He is very handsome and was known to be a womanizer before he disappeared for three years.

Char chafes at the restrictions and rules placed on Gypsy women, particularly the brutal and unfair punishments placed on women while men are free to do whatever they want. She was betrothed to the handsome and faithless Rafael who betrayed and humiliated her before leaving. She dreams of being reunited with her two sisters and is eager to travel to England to meet the last one, but Rafael has returned and her marriage cannot be delayed any longer. Charlotte has no intention of giving up her dreams for Rafael, and Rafael must win her over before their marriage can work.

This is an interesting story. It is told from the point of view of a medieval gypsy making it very different. The plot does tend to drag at times, and Charlotte’s histrionics can be a bit wearing and repetitive. The adventures that the couple fall into do redeem the story somewhat, and I was eager to learn more of the psychic triplets. The action scenes and descriptions of life in the gypsy camp make the story enjoyable.

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