Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9781603941754
June 2008
New Concepts Publishing
156 Pages
Contemporary Erotica
Rating: 4 Cups

The thrill of selling one of her most private photos prompts Gabby Hunter to send a note of thanks to the buyer. She is very touched that a soldier risking his life in Iraq would buy her work, and it stirs something deep in her heart.

The photo itself is enough to inspire awe in CMSgt. Erik Coldane, but actually getting to converse with the artist ignites a fire in his soul. She has the kindest and most beautiful heart of any woman he has ever spoken to, and his feelings for her escalate within a matter of hours.

Gabby has never experienced anything like the explosion of feelings she gets while talking to Erik. Their emails turn to phone calls, and in a very short amount of time Gabby finds herself addicted to his every word. Erik pours his heart out to Gabby in a way that leaves no doubt to how he feels, yet Gabby continues to fear completely opening up to him. Erik knows what it is that Gabby is holding back, but if she cannot trust him enough to be completely truthful then they will never have the future he so desperately desires.

Liquid heat will most certainly be coursing through your veins as you watch Gabby and Erik burn up the pages. I have never seen cyber seduction done quite as well as this, and by the time Gabby and Erik finally meet up you will be just as anxious as they are. Soon though their story takes a turn, and it is painful to see the break beginning to form in their relationship. As it builds Erik and Gabby’s story flirts with the BDSM lifestyle, and it is something I would love to see explored in greater detail.

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