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ISBN: 978-0-9818550-3-5
December 2008
Highland Press
Trade Paperback
276 pages
Young Adult
Rating 5 Cups

Cheyenne Wilde thought she was a normal teenager with the ambition of making the gymnastics national championship until the day of her sixteenth birthday when her parents dropped a mayor bombshell - she is a vampire. And if that is not bad enough, as a female vampire she can expect a special power or two to develop. Cheyenne manages to do that to the extreme as well. As the first Vanator in over five hundred years, the ancients expect a lot from her.

Ryan is the new boy in school and soon finds himself falling for Cheyenne even if it does make his life a little difficult.

Cheyenne has a lot to learn in a very short time and most of it cannot be taught. A very bad vampire wants her for himself, and until she finds all her powers, she will not be able to protect herself or keep her friends safe.

I do not know how to speak highly enough about this story. It has everything any reader could want: excitement, fear, a doting hero and a sexy sassy heroine. Cheyenne has a lot to deal with and comes through it with strength and without losing her ability to love and laugh. Ms Bell’s first foray into Young Adult books has been, in my opinion, an outstanding success and the Vanator Diary Series will soon be the talk of all teenage girls.

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