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Club Esoteria Series

Book 1: His Sub’s Submissive
Book 2: Caught by the Master
Book 3: Minding Mistress
Book 4: Masters of her Heart
Book 5: Jillian's Master
Book 6: His Beck and Call Girl

Club Esoteria Book 2
ISBN: 1606018531
June 2010
Siren Publishing, Inc.
86 Pages
BDSM; Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Whitney Elliot has been working for the local newspaper for almost a year and has done nothing but write obituaries and listen to the tip line. Ready for more and knowing that downsizing is possible, she hears a tip that has her journalist instincts on full alert.

Taurus Green is co-owner of Club Esoteria, a privately owned club that caters to people who live in the BDSM realm. Lately something has been “off” and he finds himself bored with the everyday occurrences and even the subs do not make him anticipate an exciting romp in bed.

Determined to prove how worthy she is, Whitney sneaks into Club Esoteria only to realize she is in way over her head. Before she can leave, her eyes catch sight of a sensually erotic man that pushes all of her buttons. Not realizing that he is one of the owners, Whitney continues to try to spy on the sexy man while staying out of his eyesight. But Taurus has spotted his prey and is slowly reeling her in and when she is caught, Whitney will find herself exploring sex and sensuality like never before.

Caught by the Master is one hot read, let me tell you! From the first line Ms. McKenzie had me in her clutches as Whitney and Taurus explore the feelings and emotions of a new relationship. The way Taurus continued to build up Whitney and to show her that a true Sub is not weak nor does she have to take abuse the way she has in the past shows readers how a true Dom is with his partner. I also like how this novel steps outside the world of BDSM to show us a softer side of Taurus and his wanting to get to know Whitney outside of the club. This is a great read that will leave you hot and aching for more.

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