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ISBN: 9781452469898
September 2010
170 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

As a cat, Belle figures she has the perfect life. The only exception to her having pure utopia is the horrible person known as Caroline.

Sorcha Ander is a psychic with a major problem. Her lovely fiancé has just blackmailed the wrong man and was murdered, and Sorcha knows she is next.

Max loves his cat, saving her when she came home with him as a kitten and refused to leave. Now he is playing the knight again by helping out his cousin’s widow.

When the evil Caroline decides to get rid of the intrusive Belle, it somehow explodes into much more. The next thing Belle knows, she is in Sorcha’s human body and the once psychic who is running for her life is in a beautiful and sleek cat’s body. At first Belle just wants to find her cat self and put things back the way they were. But as time passes she begins to fall for her previous owner and must make the ultimate decision.

Cattitude is such an eclectic tale; one that is unlike anything I have read before. Ms. Ramer gives us a story with a ton of fantastic elements and characters whose lives are affected by the changed beings. I loved how it shows both Sorcha and Belle’s sides before and after they were changed and what effect the switch has on their lives and their attitude towards others. While the body switch had no effect on how Belle acts as a woman versus how she was as a cat, we get to see how Sorcha goes from this more cowardly woman into a confident cat who finally defends herself and those around her. If you take the story Freaky Friday and mix it with Catwoman, it will give you an idea of how this tale is written. This is a definite story to read and will keep you entertained throughout.

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