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Kontra's Menagerie Series

Book 1: Mutegi's Sweet One,
Book 2: Catlin's Appaloosa
Book 3: Hope for a Buffalo
Book 4: Dominating the Wolf
Book 5: Spider Sense
Book 6: Swimming with Penguins
Book 7: Giving Perrin Life
Book 8: Silver-Tipped Justice
Book 9: In the Eyes of Crazy
Book 10: Breaking the Playboy's Curse
Book 11: Compromises for His Moose
Book 12: Ruffling the Peacock's Feathers
Book 13: Texas Longhorn Surprise
Book 14: Second Chance to Mate
Book 15: Unwrapping the Alpha's Mate

Kontra’s Menagerie Book 16
Charlie Richards
ISBN#: 9781771117937
January 2014
Extasy Books
97 Pages
Erotic Romance Gay GLBT Paranormal Shapeshifter
Rating: 5 Cups

Chip is a bob cat shifter and an orphan. He lived on his own for decades as a bobcat because it was easier than dealing with people. Especially once his new adopted parents thought he was possessed the first time he shifted. After years of living on his own in the wilderness he is captured by scientists and tortured and experimented on. Now he has nightmares, does not deal with crowds well and and a slew of scars both inside and outside.

Grimes is a lion shifter who has been searching for his mate for centuries. Imagine his surprise when Kontra and his gang come for a visit and there among the group is his mate. Only things do not turn out exactly as he hopes. Instead of being happy to see him too, his mate shifts and runs.

Chip really knows very little about what it means to be a shifter, or about proper behavior between shifters, or shifter protocol. He also has no idea what different scents mean having not been taught by shifter parents as the others have. So when Grimes says he is Chip’s mate and wants to scent him, Chip is wary. He does not know why he wants to snuggle up to the larger shifter who claims to be his mate. However, when his pack mates and others begin to crowd him and Grimes to congratulate them, his panic overcomes him and he shifts and runs from them all. Grimes can tell from Chip being so skinny and his wariness that he was probably hurt by the scientists, but it is only when he follows Chip and gets him to calm down that he sees the physical scars. Years of abuse have been heaped on the smaller man, and Grimes vows he will do whatever it takes to protect and help heal his mate. But there are others within his pride that have no intention of allowing the two to have their happy ending. When female lion shifters decide to take matters into their own hands, all bets are off. Will Grimes be able to protect both his mate and his pride mates? Or will jealous female lion shifters in their pride have the last word?

I have been a long time fan of Charlie Richard’s books and most especially her Kontra’s Menagerie series. Catting Around is a great addition to this series and has all the elements of Charlie’s writing that I most love. I found Chip very interesting in the sense that he does not know really what it means to be a shifter. He does not understand what the different scents mean, or exactly what it means to find one’s mate, though his pack mates have tried to teach him what these things mean. I thought Grimes was the perfect mate for Chip and it was so nice to read about this pairing. Grimes was introduced in an earlier book and I was eagerly awaiting his story, so it was wonderful to finally get to read it. This series has great world building and deeply emotional love stories making it one of my favorites, and this book is no exception. If you love shifter stories and love m/m romance then you do not want to miss a single book! Get your copy today, but be sure and read them in order so you can follow each character’s story to its conclusion in the right chronological fashion.

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