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Joe Grey Mysteries
Book 1 - Cat on the Edge
Book 2 - Cat Under Fire
Book 3 - Cat Raise the Dead
Book 4 - Cat in the Dark
Book 5 - Cat to the Dogs
Book 6 - Cat Spitting Mad
Book 7 - Cat on the Money (Published in Cats Magazine and
Book 8 - Cat Laughing Last
Book 9 - Cat Seeing Double
Book 10 - Cat Fear No Evil
Book 11 - Cat Cross Their Graves
Book 12 - Cat Breaking Free
Book 13 - Cat Pay the Devil
Book 14 - Cat Deck the Halls
Book 15 - Cat Playing Cupid
Book 16 - Cat Striking Back
Book 17 - Cat Coming Home

ISBN#: 9780061123986/ 9780061768408
January 2010
Avon/Harpercollins Publishers
354 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Joe Grey is a talking cat with a penchant for sleuthing.

Dulcie is Joe Gray’s girlfriend and also a talking cat.

Kit is another talking cat who is like a daughter to Joe Gray and Dulcie.

Rock is Ryan’s Weimaraner.

Ryan and Clyde are Joe Gray’s owners and they just got married.

Charlie is married to Max the sheriff and they live on a ranch.

When a body is found in Oregon it is suspected by Joe Grey and others that it might be the body of a local man named Chappell. Then to add insult to injury the talking feral cats in the hills uncover a body on the old Pamillion estate. However, only a select few know that there are cats that can talk, and the humans have been sworn to secrecy. Charlie and Joe Gray spend time trying to figure out how to let the police know about the second body. After all they cannot very well walk up and tell the police a clan of talking cats found the body and told Charlie, no one would ever believe them. Also, revealing the secret could bring out all sorts of nut jobs; the cats that can talk would never have any peace and they would lose their coveted freedom. However, there is far more going on than anyone realizes and if they are not careful some kitty lives, as well as, some human ones could be lost. Will Joe Grey and his pals be able to help the police figure out if the two bodies are connected? Will they be able to uncover a killer before they lose one of their nine lives? Only time will tell.

My only disappointment with Cat Playing Cupid was that I had not read the earlier books. I believe to get the full benefit of these stories you should read the entire series from the first book forward. Things were spoken of in this book that happened in earlier books and it sometimes made it hard to follow the storyline. I do not usually read mysteries but I have to admit this one had me thoroughly intrigued. The idea of talking cats that were brought to America and who now live among us is an ingenious idea. I loved Joe Grey, he totally had me cracking up in places with his sense of humor. These cats are not being anthropomorphized, you very much know they are cats with all their little quirks and idiosyncrasies. This is one book where the cats rule and the humans are merely sidekicks at best. I loved it! If only our cats truly could talk to us, what a world it would be. If you enjoy the idea of an outspoken, hard boiled cat detective, then I highly recommend Cat Playing Cupid.

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