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ISBN# 9781624200212
March 2013
Rogue Phoenix Press
108 Pages
Erotic Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Meara has spent her life on the wrong side of the tracks and computer hacking until the day the FBI arrests her and offers another way of life. The man who captures her is one she wishes will never leave, and the bonus is he now lives right next door.

From the moment he has scented Meara, Jace knows she is his, and he is determined she will join the team. To keep her close, he also moves her right next door.

Jace and Meara's team work to rid the world of the vilest of criminals. When the case hits too close to home, will Meara and Jace figure it out before one more has to die?

Catching Meara is a superbly written mystery that draws readers in and makes them a part of the team. The characters are vivid and provide a perfect canvas for the life of a unique team that catches some truly nasty villains. Ms. Young provides a perfect blend of paranormal, mystery and romance providing the reader an entertaining adventure.

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