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ISBN# 9781607352839
April 18, 2011
Resplendence Publishing
E Book
54 Pages
Contemporary, Erotic, IR/Multi-Cultural
Rating: 2 Cups

Scaling the highest buildings in East London to leave her mark may be the only mark Layla will leave on the world. It is proof that she existed, and the only relief from the grim realities of her life. Until, that is, it becomes a game that lures in a handsome police officer.

Adam has been trying to catch the vandal marking rooftops night after night. He soon discovers the vandal he is after is actually an attractive and elusive girl named Layla who kisses and runs. Now, she has become the secret obsession driving his life and possibly endangering his career.

This game of cat and mouse is both exhilarating and frustrating. Every time Adam catches hold of Layla, she knocks his socks off before doing whatever she can to get away. Finally he forms a plan that should lead right to her, plus could lead to the apprehension of a violent gang. But things go wrong, and Layla ends up in danger. Is this what it takes to force Layla to face the possibilities Adam is offering her and stop running?

The idea behind Cat and Mouse seems like it would work, but something was just not quite there. I had a hard time picturing both Adam and Layla as characters and their environment. They seemed like characters that could be good, but I never felt emotionally connected with them. There were also some terms and use of language I didn’t really understand. I am assuming it would make sense to people from that area. The best part of the story was actually after the characters were making their peace with each other, pretty much the last ten pages of the book, this was the first time I felt connected with their relationship.

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