Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-1-60394-467-0
Oct 2010
New Concepts Publishing
122 Pages
Historical Romance, Time Travel
Rating: 3 Cups

Katherine Edwards is a modern American woman, who feels unfulfilled and unsettled even though her life is quite full in New York City, with work she enjoys and good friends. She decides to take a combination vacation/business trip to England. Unexpectedly, she finds herself transported back in time to 1889 and into the arms of the dashing Lord Cade de Montgomery.

When Cade happens upon the unconscious woman during an early morning ride he whisks her back to his home where she is tenderly nursed back to health. Smitten by her alluring figure and bold, yet honest, manner, he knows she is the woman who will capture and hold his heart and soul forever.

As Kate slowly recovers, and regains her strength, she discovers that somehow she has been thrust back in time. She finds love and true happiness for the first time, but she fears Cade and his mother, Lady Lillian, will not believe her remarkable claim, and will judge her insane. Cade desires Kate, for she is unlike any woman he has ever known.

This is, with one exception noted below, a beautiful story - romantic and sensual - that is marred by poor sentence structure. Conjunctions, especially, were overused and misused in run-on sentences. I was also aghast that Lord Cade would ask the physician to check that a stranger’s hymen was intact when she was in his home, unconscious, being treated for a concussion. I deliberately chose to overlook the way in which the story was written and concentrate instead on the emotions it invoked after Kate awoke. The love and loyalty shared by Cade and Kate made me care about them, as well as the various supporting characters. I relished being transported back in time when life was filled with simpler pleasures. I reveled that their love transcended centuries and that neither ever gave up on their perfect love. It is my hope that the author will hone her technical skills; that in future endeavors her imaginative ideas may be conveyed more adeptly.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More



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