Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 978-0-7582-3205-2
November 2010
Kensington Publishing Corporation
Trade Paperback
330 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

She, more than anyone, is amazed at how perfect her life has turned out, because Monica Brooks never imagined she could find a love like she has with her husband. In the past it was so easy to just walk away from relationships when problems arose, rather than having to deal with all of those emotions.

Divorcing his first wife was unpleasant, but nearly as heart wrenching for Adam was losing custody of their daughter Clarissa. Only seeing her periodically throughout the year is hard enough, but to know she is living with a mother like Carrie Sue tears him apart.

Six months into their marriage, and with one phone call the honeymoon is over for Monica when they learn that Adam’s daughter Clarissa will be coming to live with them. Motherhood is something that never really held any appeal for her, and she is terrified that being a stepmother to Clarissa will be way more than she can handle. Adam, as well as her friends and family, support and encourage Monica every step of the way, but the solemn little girl now living with them scares her to death. Time passes by, and little by little, Monica’s feelings towards Clarissa warm, but she is very unsure there will ever come a time when her heart will let itself love this child, and what that could mean for her marriage.

Blended families and stepparents are such the norm these days that we tend to forget just how difficult it must be for all of those involved, especially the children. They often get swept along in the wake of adult emotions, and feel very insecure about the lack of control they have over anything. As the story begins, Monica’s character holds onto feelings of inadequacy, and often appears selfish and immature, but as it unfolds, you can really feel how she starts to open herself up to Clarissa. It is Adam who is the real rock in this story, and deals with Monica’s attitude far better than she deserves at times, while exhibiting all of his love for her and Clarissa openly and without prejudice.

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