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ISBN #: 978-0-446-54818-2
August 2010
Grand Central
Mass Market Paperback
384 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Florie is the foster daughter of a goldsmith and surpasses him in her skills. She does not know the identity of her father and has always wanted to know.

Rane is Lord Gilbert Fraser's huntsman. He is handsome and brave and loyal to his lord.

Florie is on the run, accused of stealing an expensive pomander. It is the key to her heritage, and she seeks sanctuary in a decrepit monastery. Rane works for the husband of Florie's accuser and is captivated by the beautiful goldsmith and cannot bring himself to turn her in.

This is an interesting and entertaining historical romance. The author does a good job of describing the period and its customs. The plot is a bit improbable, but the characters and their adventures make up for that. The extremely well-written characters really make the story. Fans of Scottish medieval tales should definitely give this one a try.

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