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ISBN#: 9780067965647/9780061965647/0061965642
March 29, 2011
Harper Collins
384 pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Serena has become far more protective of her younger sister due to the loss by kidnapping of her sister, Viola, by pirates long ago on the beaches near her home. Now, with her wicked stepmother plotting to marry her off like little more than cattle to be sold, she is forced into the role of guardian. With the rogue and often absent of resident of neighboring properties, Alex, sniffing around her siblings skirts, she is torn between her warring desires—to keep him away from her sister while temptation drives her to get a little closer to his charming touch.

When the lady hides in the darkened recess of his drawing room, Alex is driven to taste the nectar of her sweet lips. Upon that first taste, however, he is left with a burning ache for the spinsterish sister of the girl that he is thinking may become his wife. Will he be able to resist her soft touch?

Serena, obsessed with stopping the local pirates to the point of sometimes becoming distracted from her matronly protector position, tries to enlist the assistance of the dashing lord. But the only assistance he wishes to offer is that of lover. Will they solve the mystery of the smuggling ring and sneak forbidden moments of passion? Or will Serena’s plotting mother manage to keep them apart?

A lord who is as charming as he is handsome, Alex is the epitome of historical heroism. Not portrayed as overly perfect and possessing both enough flaws of character to be believable, readers will easily fall under his spell. With Serena as a nice balance to his rugged masculinity, this story is all that this genre is best known for while being entirely fresh and fun.

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