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The Crooked Creek Series
Book 1: Can’t Buy Me Love
Book 2: Can’t Hurry Love
Book 3: Crazy Thing Called Love

Crooked Creek Ranch, Book 2
ISBN: 9780345525611
31 July 2012
Bantam Books
$7.99 US / $9.99 CAN
384 Pages
Contemporary Fiction Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Feeling numb has become a coping mechanism for Victoria Schulman, one that has to end for the sake of her son, Jacob. She needs to get over the guilt, self-doubt and fear if she ever wants to be the mother her son deserves.

His whole life Eli Turnbull has been focused on one thing alone–getting Crooked Creek Ranch back to the Turnbull. His grandfather lost the ranch to the Bakers years before. Since then it has become a waiting game for Eli to make his move.

It is laughable how little Victoria knows about ranching. Unfortunately, this is the only chance she is going to get to make something for herself and Jacob. What she does know is spas and for the first time in forever, Victoria has a plan. Stepping over the line once too many, Tori fires Eli, which throws him in a loop. Still he cannot help admiring her nor stop wanting her. Victoria’s feelings have been dormant for so long she cannot trust in what is happening with Eli, which may prove to destroy the very thing she needs so desperately.

Poor Victoria has the whole icy hot thing so down pat it is no wonder she is on her last nerve. Luckily, Eli is there, ready and willing to help her break through her fear and let the woman inside shine. I love that she is the one who takes the reins in their affair, letting Eli know exactly what she wants and needs from him. She is not always right and rarely feels comfortable in her own skin, but her journey is well worth the read.

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