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March 2010
Carnal Passions
52 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

It is the 1950’s and being gay is against the law and has a heavy sentence. For Detective Craig Bennet, the thought of what would happen to him in prison, especially since he is a cop, does not deter his feelings for his partner.

Wayne Adler knows that what he and his partner are doing in the squad car, as well as at home, could get them both fired from their jobs. But there is something about Craig that calls to him.

When Craig gets to know Tracy Kellman, a woman who was almost thrust into the role of a prostitute, he comes up with a brilliant plan. Use her as a camouflage wife while still keeping Wayne as his lover. Soon though, life will get complicated as someone rats on him to his wife, and she comes up missing. Can Craig continue with his secret life, or will all of his plans spiral out of control?

Camouflage Wife was entertaining, bold, and yet at times sad. Ms. Blair paints a picture of what life was like for two gay men during the 1950’s as they struggled to keep their sexuality a secret. I was not impressed with Craig's selfishness, treating Tracy as an afterthought and keeping her in the dark. But given the circumstances, I am fairly sure this is how a woman would have been treated during that era. The ending is quite a shocker and left me happy with the way it was all tied together.

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