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ISBN#: 97815603945813
December 2, 2011
New Concepts Publishing
$ 3.99
123 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Caitlyn wakes up in a hospital room with Flynn by her side. She has been in a terrible car accident that should have killed her. When she starts to remember what happened before the crash, she begins to wonder if it really was an accident.

Flynn cannot believe that by missing a turn he would come upon a car crash, let alone that it would be Caitlyn, the woman he has loved forever. Only she left him two years ago.

Caitlyn cannot tell anyone about the angel she saw or the special Christmas roses lest they think her crazy. But connecting with Flynn again feels so right, if only her father did not disapprove. And what of these accidents that keep happening, are they just coincidence or is someone out to harm her?

What an interesting story, full of Christmas miracles and second chances at love, as well as, relationship healing. Add a mystery to the mix, and it makes it a bit more intriguing. But as much as I liked the story I could not help but feel the story dragged in some places and jumped around in others, though it was not hard to follow. Overall, I would say that for a quick dose of holiday spirit, you might want to check this book out.

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