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ISBN#: 9781936000715
July 1, 2010
Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc.
136 pages
Rating: 3 cups

Lacey Whitman was born with the love of history. Her father shared that passion with her by taking her on expeditions as he searched for sunken ships throughout the Caribbean. Her father spent a lot of time looking for Captain Julius Bertrand’s sunken ship, the Specter, and the treasure that it was said to have taken with it to its watery demise.

Julius Bertrand the Eighth, or Max, runs a museum in San Madrid. This museum is dedicated to his ancestor, Captain Julius Bertrand. Max wants to find the Specter for the treasure, or so he says. Maybe with the missing diary and a little understanding, his heart of stone will melt.

Lacey bought the home of Molly Goss, Julius Bertrand’s daughter, in Savannah, Georgia. Legend states that there is a treasure on the property, but no one has ever found it. Lacey did. She found the missing diary of Katherine Bertrand, the captain’s wife, which tells the area in which the ship sank along with a bag of uncut diamonds. Sharing this information with Max, the last living Bertrand, is hard for Lacey, but he agrees to make her a partner on the dive to find the missing ship. Withheld information and mysteries revealed, keep Max from overlooking what is right in front of him.

Lacey is a woman after my own heart. With her love of history and books, I felt very connected to her character. When Max, the modern day pirate, enters the story, let us just say, I was distracted. It is not hard to fall in love with this story and the individuals that are a big part of this tale. Ms. Thorne’s passion for the sea certainly reads through the lines on each page. I would whole-heartedly recommend adding this book to your collection.

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