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Elemental Assassin

Book 1: Spider’s Bite
Book 2: Web of Lies
Book 3: Venom
Book 4: Tangled Threads
Book 5: Spider’s Revenge
Book 6: By A Thread
Book 7: Widow’s Web
Book 8: Deadly Sting
Kiss of Venom, E-Book 8.5 (novella)
Book 9: Heart of Venom

Book 6, Elemental Assassin Series
ISBN: 978-1-4516-5176-8 (PB), 978-1-4516-5178-2 (EB)
March 2012
Pocket Books
356 Pages
Fantasy, Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Getting rid of the underworld in Ashland is like putting down a rabid dog, messy, dangerous, and not much fun, but Gin Blanco should be used to that. Her whole life has been a series of nasty situations, and she has survived each and every one.

The trip back to Blue Marsh is bittersweet for Bria Coolidge. She will get to spend time with her best friend Callie, but she will also have to spend time with her sister.

Gin is well aware of Bria’s feelings towards her, and she cannot say she is at all surprised. Bria suffered because Gin could not get to her quick enough, and then there is the little issue of Bria being a law abiding detective, and Gin an assassin. Unfortunately, Gin is right when she has the feeling that their vacation may not be all fun and games, and once again her skills are put to the test. This time however Gin is about to come up against someone who can match her power for power, especially when that power was hers to begin with.

Gin is a chew you up and spit you out kind of gal, and I love that she does so without apology. Her sexy boyfriend Owen always has her back, but never stands in her way, and Gin loves him all the more because of it. Bria is a little harder to read, and I would love to get more of an idea on what she is feeling and thinking. This set of characters will lead you from one sticky situation to the next, and you will gladly follow every step of the way.

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