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ISBN#: 978-1-60310-549-1, 1-60310-549-2
October 2010
Red Sage Publishing
109 Pages
Erotic Romance / Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Fitting into the world of ironworkers is not an easy feat for a woman, but Tina Moreland knows all about not fitting in. Her tall frame topped by curly red hair, love for all things architectural, and years spent in foster care left Tina with an outsider’s view of the world.

He was sent to Earth to find the key to his people’s survival, but all Devin Ken’Draga managed to acquire was a fiery human female.

Her virginal scent, beauty, and wondrous pale gray eyes completely captivate the dragon inside of Devin, and his need to have her is all encompassing. The magic she will bring to their union will enhance his power, but it is not what he will need to save his people. Tina is well aware that her arrival in Saharin is an accident, but the feelings she is having for Devin make it hard to wish for home. Devin’s people are in a civil war, and though he sees killing the dragon responsible as the only recourse, Tina may have another solution.

This tantalizing glimpse of the fantasy world Saharin will capture your heart and your imagination. A society of wonderful and wickedly beautiful dragons are sure to set you on fire as they ramp up the heat in a sultry desert landscape. The richness of their world and their personalities has only just been introduced, but I can imagine there could be so much more. Tina and her dragon lover Devin are vivacious and explosive, and I hope not the last couple we will see from Saharin.

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