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Caulfield Cowboys Series

Book 1: Buckin’ Chastity
Book 2: Dani Loves Dallas
Book 3: Austin Nights in Savannah

ISBN: 978-1-60735-245-7
Resplendence Publishing
53 Pages
Erotic, Contemporary
Rating: 3 Cups

Buck Caulfied wanted to win a buckle and would ignore any pain to do it. Too bad for him the rodeo doctor noticed his pain and knocked him out. He woke up in his hotel room with a cast on his leg and needing to vent his anger at the forced treatment.

Doctor Chastity Meadows only intended to intern with the medical staff of the rodeo, but she got caught up in the appeal and ended up the chief physician. Happy to make it up to Buck any way he wants, Chastity ends up with a one night stand that she never got over.

After her father’s untimely death, Chastity takes over the failing family ranch. She has managed to keep the banker and her ambitious neighbors at bay, but for how much longer? Buck has made the decision to leave the rodeo, but little does he know that the ranch he is looking to take over will lead him to the girl he let get away. Now that he has found her, he is not about to let her go; not someone as lovely as his Buckin’ Chastity.

Buck and Chastity are very compatible characters that you want to have a happily ever after. Their introduction and connection is fun to see, but jumps very quickly from a one night stand to that happily ever after ending. There is also a little bit of abruptness between them and the introduction to their personal situations. There is a great ‘villainous’ family that forces the situation which does work pretty well. I would have enjoyed a longer build up to the end and maybe some more interplay with Buck’s family though.

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