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Key Party Series

Book 1: Band of Gold
Book 2: Brown Sugar

Key Party Series, Book 2
ISBN#: 9781611189223
September 2012
Loose Id
94 Pages
Erotic; Historical; Multicultural; BBW
Rating: 4 Cups

Shayna is a strong, proud, black woman who believes in free love. While she wants nothing more than to be able to love a certain someone wholeheartedly, she knows society is against them.

Embry knows that Shayna has an issue with them dating due to him being white and from a very wealthy background. But he is determined to show her how well they are together, no matter the color of their skin.

When Shayna's best friend asks her for help in getting ready for a "key party", she cannot help but say yes even if she does not plan on participating. When Embry finds out his sister is planning on participating in this so-called key party, he is angry. Seeing Shayna there makes his anger turn boiling hot until he realizes she is not planning to be a participant. Deciding to take advantage of the erotically charged atmosphere, Embry lays it all on the line, hoping that Shayna will finally say yes to his plan of being in a relationship with the woman he has loved for a long time. Will Shayna let go of her fears so she can fall in the arms of the man who is promising forever or will she let those fears and insecurities dictate her actions?

Brown Sugar by Lena Matthews takes the reader on a fantastic journey during a time when disco was in and erotic parties were groovy. I got a taste of what life was like for the youth in the seventies, as well as, what it must have been like for two people with such diverse backgrounds. The story touched upon many different points; sex, racism, judgmental times, sex, friendship, erotic parties, and sex. Did I mention sex? Seriously though, the sex is outstandingly portrayed as any good erotic story should be but it is more. I think it has to do with the overwhelming feelings that the characters showcase throughout this novel. This is a very well written book that you can enjoy once or time and again.

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