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ISBN#: 9781616501181
February 2010
Lyrical Press,Inc.
199 Pages
Romance, Shifter, Vampire
Rating: 5 Cups

Leeza Hunter is a klutz who works in a glass works art store. She is intrigued by one particular artist, Sir Liam. Little does she know that he is a Immortal Knight Templar.

Sir Liam has watched Leeza since their first meeting when she was but a toddling little girl. The longer he is around her the more love and possession he feels, which is dangerous in his profession.

Leeza is unaware of the turmoil that surrounds her. Sir Liam sees the sinister side of life all too clearly. If he were to choose Leeza he would give up everything to include his life. Is true love worth the risk?

Broken Shine left me speechless. It left me with a jumble of emotions and is truly the best white knight story I have ever read. Candice Gilmer provides the perfect mix of good and bad in one man that leaves the reader with no words. By the time I read the last sentence I had truly felt every emotion that one could experience; from pride, envy, love, despair, to joy. I was truly sad to see the story end and immediately flipped back to the first page to read it all again because nothing could be so good the second time around. Broken Shine and Candice Gilmer will leave you astounded at the talent and creativity used to tell a story as old as time and will leave you wanting to read it over and over.

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