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Book 1
ISBN: 978-1-448-60855-3/978-1478151364, 9781452427096
1 April 2009/August 28, 2012
Me Really Publishing/Aspyr Publishing
Trade Paperback
282 Pages/348 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Bethel is a young woman who has visits from her ancestors and learns of Marguerite, a beautiful ancestor of mixed heritage. Marguerite died because of an evil curse that kills the women in her family 21 days after delivering a baby girl. Traveling to the US during the antebellum era, Marguerite meets her husband Thomas, but loses the woman who raised her.

Thomas is a Scotsman with a horrible secret who is traveling in the US when he meets the love of his life. Learning of Marguerite’s curse to die after having a daughter, Thomas will do all he can to save his wife.

As the couple travels throughout the South, they must face the hardships that slavery causes while protecting those they have come to love and hopefully ending the curse.

The relationship between Thomas and Marguerite is fascinating and how they adjust to each other while meeting the support characters is interesting. The horrors they see and the secrets they keep while openly demonstrating their love for one another is, to me, the best part of the book. Their dialogue is very convincing and moving. The support characters, the good and the very bad, are intriguing but numerous. The book is very detailed and complicated and readers need to pay strict attention. It is these details though that gives the book depth. As the book returns to Bethel and modern times, the ending is interesting and sets up for book two in the Broken Life-Fight for Forever series. I am expecting great things from Ms Williams.

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