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Rebel Canyon Novel Series

Book 1: Broken Together
Book 2: Broken Destiny

A Rebel Canyon Novel, Book 2
ISBN: 9780983151331
March 2011
Rebel Ink Press
275 Pages
Erotic; Contemporary Romance; BDSM
Rating: 3 Cups

Casey Owens is tired of the abuse she takes at the hands of her lover, Mark Whitlow. She is determined to get far away from her ex’s diabolical treatment, and after dropping her son off with her mother, she is on the road and ready to get the horrible relationship behind her.

Jamie Wallace is on the highway when he watches a horrific crash. Terrified for the driver, he runs to help and finds a beautiful woman in need of rescue from more than just the accident.

Jamie knows once he meets the beautiful Casey, she is the one he has been looking for. But he is into the BDSM scene and is afraid that it will turn her stomach thanks to the torture her ex has subjected her to. How can Casey show Jamie that it is not the BDSM scene that scares her so much as how fast she has fallen for the gentle cowboy? Will these two be able to overcome their obstacles and find the love they both want and need, even as Mark continues to hunt for the woman and son he refuses to give up without a fight?

Ms. Buehler has some intense scenarios within this tale as Casey overcomes the unbelievable abuse from Mark. This story also contains Jamie who is shown as a sweetheart of a man with the patience of a saint. The characters really seem to fit together and gave Broken Destiny a feeling of yin and yang. I did feel that the erotic aspect is not as present as the contemporary theme. I think the way the novel includes the beginning of the next tale makes the reader want to continue the series to see what will happen next.

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