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ISBN-13: 978-0-7582-3828-3, 10: 0-7582-3828-2
December 2009
Kensington Publishing Corporation
Aphrodisia Trade Paperback
320 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups


Trying to force any oxygen into her diseased lungs is becoming harder and harder for Blue McCann. She would give anything to have her health back, even for a moment.

The ever present need to be near Stella McCreedy has not waned for Dr. Colt Stephens, but she has never given him the time of day, until now.

Blue wakes up from another attack with no clue as to where she is or how she got here. Not only has she been taken out of her time, but it also seems she is in someone else’s body. Stella is a vibrant and strong woman, with a man very much enamored by her, and Blue is more than willing to step into her life. However the longer she stays, the harder it is going to be if she has to leave this life and this man behind.

Blue’s unexpected leap from one time frame to another is so far from traumatic that it is unsettling. She is a fantastic character however, and the bonds she is building would make for a wonderful sequel.

To Die For

Unlike the generations before her, Tawny James has no intention of using her body to lure a man. The easiest way to accomplish this has always been to cover herself from head to toe in the frumpiest clothes she can get her hands on.

For Stack Hamilton, running a security business is all about staying alert, aware, and paying attention to detail. One little detail he missed: his ex-secretary was scorching hot.

Three years Stack employed Tawny but never in all that time had one inkling what lay beneath all of those hideous outfits, until he made the mistake of inviting her on a stakeout. Tawny ran for all she was worth when she saw Stack’s reaction to her in a swimsuit, but now her former boss is the only person she trusts to help her. She just needs to put a clamp on her desires before they run rampant, and she attacks the poor man.

While I doubt many us can relate to how terribly awful it would be to carry around a Playboy Bunny body, it is perfectly understandable to want to be loved and not just objectified. Tawny takes it to the extreme, but thankfully Stack is man enough to rip through all of those hideous layers.

Body by Gibson

A high-school art teacher is nowhere near how Mariel Gibson intended to use her talent, but one too many criticisms left her feeling like a complete failure.

Carpentry is a wonderful way for Danny Glenn to use his hands, and it pays very well, but it is only one outlet for his desire to create.

A few years ago, a gallery owner took Mariel’s dreams and crushed them like a bug under his heel. Her love of painting was barely even acknowledged by her family, and when she tried to go public, she was nearly laughed at. This blow to her psyche bled into all parts of her life, but it is all about to change. She wants to be a new woman, and the first place to start is her hunky carpenter, if she can screw up enough courage to make the first move.

There really is nothing hotter than a sexy sweaty man who is oh so good with his hands. Danny is all of that and more, and it is going to take every bit of his strength to break through Mariel’s walls of doubt.

Mmmm, every one of these stories is sexy as sin, and more than enough to ratchet up your heart rate. Each of the characters has a unique take on sexuality and what it means to them and their partner. I especially enjoy the differences between Blue and Colt, with her trying to incorporate her modern ways with his early twentieth century ideals. Bonnie Edwards intertwines her stories with potent sexuality and emotional turmoil in a heady mix that leaves you panting for more.

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