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ISBN# (10)1440566488/(13)9781440566486/
(10)144056647X/(13) 9781440566479
22 April 2013
Crimson Romance, F+W Media
186 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Tori Baldwin cooks with the same passion she gives advice–with love. That is what makes her stand out in the small unfamiliar town she stops in for a few quick months. She plops her shack on wheels down in a parking lot. She has no idea what danger lies ahead.

Rain has no time for anyone other than his motorcycle family and work. Distractions irritates him, and he runs them away…which usually means out of the town he has seen growing over the years. He is not prepared for the trouble the Lagsturns bring when they decide to claim a woman against her wishes. He runs them all out of town…or at least, it is what he thinks.

Having a rough upbringing makes it easy for Rain to see that something is seriously wrong with Tori. He has a member of the Bantorus put their nose where it does not belong. Now he has to deal with Tori and the many complications her sexy and classy, yet wacky personality brings to his town, the one he has control over. Tori does not like being bossed around or staying in one place when threatened. She has no idea she is about to face her past and her worst fears again.

This book gets five cups filled to the brim! I like this book because the main characters' personalities and upbringing bring so much life to the novel. You get love with each cup of advice Tori gives out. She assists people with their love life and never wants to encounter love of her own. She is a paradox, complicated and definitely a contradiction. Seeing her personality clash with Rain's grounded yet bossy one is the most fun I have read about in ages in a book! I have not been able to put this book down and read it fast enough. The scenes are action packed and filled with lust, love, and naughty all-in-one. This is a "must" read. I have to say, this author knows how to bring life to words that make you want to turn the pages fast just to get to what is next.

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