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ISBN: 978-0-553-59116-3
October 27, 2009
346 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Having found the soul mate she longed for her entire existence feels like the most horrific form of torture for Riley Jenson. The man her soul craves as much as life is a stone cold killer, and Riley is literally in for the fight of her life.

Control and the power to wield control over those around him is the greatest of highs for Kye Murphey. He will relinquish it to no one, including his inner wolf, especially for a woman he fully intends to possess in every way possible.

Tempers are flaring in the vampire community after several unexplained deaths, and it is taking all of Riley’s energy to find the murderer. She has no time and even less desire to deal with her soul mate, Kye, but he is giving her no choice. Her heart may belong to Quinn, but every molecule in her body begs for Kye’s touch. Riley has hesitated in the past, and Kye intends to take exactly what he wants from her, feeling certain she does not have the guts to stop him.

Riley Jenson is in a rampaging battle of wills in “Bound to Shadows”, and the war is being fought within her own heart. She is a character with so many facets that it is hard to pin down exactly how to feel about her. The love you feel between her and Quinn makes it so hard to understand how she can be drawn to Kye, until you realize that he is to her what blood is to a vampire. They are two halves of a whole, but when one half is pure poison, whatever decision Riley makes, someone is sure to suffer.

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