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ISBN #: Not Available
August 2010
The Wild Rose Press
72 Pages
Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Tasha has been a prisoner for eight years. She was attacked by a werewolf and woke up in The Facility. She has been studied, tortured, and isolated but has retained her spirit and sense of humor.

Jack is a very powerful, centuries old vampire. He works for the government to shut down The Facility and stop the men who run it.

The men who run The Facility are evil and use inhumane methods to study the paranormal. Tasha is a coup for them; a telepath and werewolf who has yet to change and she is all theirs to experiment on. When Jack and his team frees her, they are determined to find out why she was put there. Jack also enables her to learn how to be a wolf by introducing her to a pack.

This story appears to be the introduction to a series, and it is one I will be buying. Jack and Tasha are powerful characters, particularly Tasha who survived eight years of captivity and torture all alone. She was only thirteen when she was taken, making her plight even more poignant. Jack, who infiltrated the lab, is her only friend, and the author has captured these feelings as well as the strong sexual attraction between the two. She has also done a great job of describing Tasha’s ambivalence about joining the pack, and her feelings of wanting to belong, but still feeling like an outsider. I liked the Sebastian character and would like to read more about him as well. This is a great story for fans of the genre of Urban Fantasy and those who just like a suspenseful and sensual love story.

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