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ISBN #: 978-0-85715-132-2
May 2010
Total E-Bound Publishing
63 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Sasha is a werewolf and part of the Grey Wolf Pack. She is unmated and in love with Max, who is mated to someone else. She feels unloved and unwanted and wants what her twin, Roni, has. Roni is mated to the Alpha, Quinn.

Diego is a Black Wolf, but has been living as a stray. He hates the life of a Black Wolf and will not go back to his pack. He prefers to live among the humans.

Sasha has had it with her life in her Pack. She cannot stand to watch the man she loves with his chosen mate, Chloe. She thinks life as a stray has to be better than this, so she runs away. She meets Diego, a hated but very sexy Black Wolf who insists that she return to her Pack. His former Alpha, Deacon, is very dangerous and after Sasha. She just cannot stay away from him and he cannot refuse her.

This is a well-written and fast-moving werewolf story. The author has created a pretty complete world with many different types of wolf. Sasha is a bit whiney in the beginning, but I came to see her point of view as the story went on. Diego is a pretty noble character considering the habits of his former pack. Overall, it is a very good story though there are some off scene incidents of rape and torture to one of the main characters and rape is frequently mentioned in connection with the Black Wolves.

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