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ISBN#: 9781934657973
March 2011
Sapphire Blue Publishing
309 Pages
Erotic Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Lila Anderson was a submissive for most of her life until her last Master set her free as a Mistress. Now she is one of the reigning dominatrix at the club she works for. When she starts having visions of murdered women, she is terrified until she hears his soothing voice in the dark calling for her.

Drake Bennett is a vampire on a mission to stop the horrendous killings of innocent women. He knows the vampire who is stalking the victims and then claiming their lives is Simon. When Lila invades his hunt for justice, he tries to keep the knowledge of her safe from the vampire seeking revenge but it is already too late.

As Lila gets closer and closer to discovering exactly who Drake is, Simon strikes against her. Using her weakness for pain and domination against her, he shows Drake how much power he has over Lila. When she finally breaks free, she runs into Drake and sees the handsome visage behind the voice that has been in her head for so long. Their passion and love for each other holds no bounds but the powerful being that is controlling the murderous Simon will stop at nothing to claim Lila as his own. Now it is a race against time for Drake to find and save Lila once again and he can only hope his trust in her will not be betrayed as it was by someone from his past.

Bound by Darkness is the type of book that is best read when the lights are down low and the thunder rages, lightning strikes, and winds howl around you. When you think of a tortured hero in some of the great literatures out there, Drake does a great job of portraying one as he struggles to overcome his passion, shame, and past mistakes that have led to the villainous Simon’s vengeful deeds. Ms. Christopher knows how to set the atmosphere that not only sets the tone of this novel but it also pulled me right into this gothic and darkly twisted tale. If you fancy yourself a reader that savors a lush yet haunted tale of eternal passion and love then you will find yourself appreciating this paranormal romance to its fullest.

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