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Shadow Elements Series
ISBN# 9781612178042
May 10, 2013
The Wild Rose Press
181 Pages
Paranormal, Shape-shifter
Rating: 4 Cups

Kenna has been working hard to become recognized as a glass artist. Her dragons are literately the stuff of dreams, her childhood dreams to be precise.

Erion is an air element, able to become the very air itself. When he is drawn to Kenna’s heat, he knows he can not have her. The last time he joined with another element did not turn out well.

Kenna’s heat draws Erion to her. She does not know what she is or what she will be able to do, but she knows the draw of Erion and the cold he can provide to tease her. Erion and Kenna learn quickly that they complement each other, even if she does not understand the reasons why, trusting Erion to keep her safe.

This is an exciting book, providing the foundations and history of new a world. Kenna is a strong and willful heroine who will accept only the best, both for and of herself. Erion’s understanding of the world of elements takes the reader for a ride on the very winds. I hope to see more of the partnering of these authors and I hope they offer us more elements to play with.

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