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Borderland Legacy Series
Book 1: Borderland Bride
Book 2: Borderland Beauty

Borderland Legacy, Book 1
BIN# JGPR2013011SH1
ASIN# B00C825F1W
March 2013
Jupiter Gardens Press
121 Pages
Sensual Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Lord Jake of Greycroft cannot fight the attraction and love he has for Isabel, but he tries continuously for her sake. After what has happened to his wife, he knows he is not good enough for her. He feels his brother, Lord Dominic, is more suited to care for and keep Isabel safe and happy. But the idea of her being with another drives him mad with jealousy.

Lady Isabel loves Jake and wishes she could be with him always. She is keeping an important secret from him, something she hopes he can forgive her eventually. When he does hear her secret, he remembers the lies his wife has told him and cannot let her betrayal go. Isabel does not know what to do. She does know she cannot go back to her father and give into his wishes. She will do anything to stay out of his clutches.

After coming upon a lady in distress at the hands of ruffians, Jake brings her back to the family keep and hopes she survives. Even though she cannot hear or speak, they understand each other better than anyone else. Admiration and attraction evolve into something stronger as they spend time together, but will deceit ultimately rip them apart? Or will Isabel's ambitious father find her first and send her to a cruel and inevitable death?

I do love a good historical romance. This is sweet and tender as well as erotic and filled with tension. The world is vividly written and makes the reader want to be on the English/Scottish border. The chemistry between Jake and Isabel is deliciously satisfying. I truly enjoy most of the characters in the story, especially Lord Dominic, and I look forward to the sequel that sends him a lady to curb his lascivious tendencies.

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