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ISBN: 9781615813674
April 2010
Dreamspinner Press
263 Pages
GBLT/ Contemporary/ BDSM
Rating: 4 Cups

Scott Gregory is in love. He is also starting up a new dental practice with his lover.

Robin “Red” Kennedy knows that Scott loves him just as much as he loves the other man. But the thought of how much cost has been put into their business terrifies the otherwise frugal man.

Susie is learning to be a dominatrix, but she is not sure if she can pull it off. After finding her niche in the dominant world, she finds herself looking for that special man who will help her explore her sexual side of being a dome.

All three have been impacted by a man with homophobic tendencies who has left them with bitter feelings. When Jenna continues contacting Scott about problems with his ex-boss, Robin becomes enraged for all his lover has been through. Meanwhile, Susie finds herself coming face to face with a man from her past in the most unlikely of places. Everyday nuances, family health problems, and unexpected surprises have Scott and Red searching for a way to stand strong in the face of all the complications thrown their way.

Bonds of Love has a lot going on within the pages. Ms. Ashling definitely spices up a tale with her red hot scenes. I like how much of the BDSM world is explained so that a reader who has never experienced it can understand the surroundings. While this is a sequel to another book, most of this story can be understood without reading the previous tale. The way Scott and Robin feel about each other, and their apparent trust in one another when it comes to the roles of being a dominant and submissive, is beautifully done.

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