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ISBN: 978-1-60435-729-5
Red Rose Publishing
202 pages
Rating: 3 Stars

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A woman meets a fascinating man at his bookstore and nervously allows him to lead her toward a sexual life style of bondage and slavery.

A bookstore owner becomes Master when a young woman comes into his store and they begin to test how far she will go with him in sexual bondage games.

This short story is unique in that the writing style is first person, but other than “Master” there are no names. The introduction of bondage into an affair is well written and intrigues rather than shocks. The sex is up front, but I was more impressed with the bondage.

The Gift of Fantasy

Della is happy to have found the man of her dreams, but thinks she is getting everything she wants too easily.

Jonathan is a rich racecar driver who wants to give his new bride the fulfillment of a fantasy and ease her fear that love came to them too easily.

The Gift of Fantasy is a shocking story based on “be careful what you ask for”. It knocked me out of my comfort zone and made me re-think the kidnapping the heroine genre. The sex is very hot, and the ending is the most romantic of the book.

Freedom Hall

A young woman reduced to prostitution decides to escape her pimp by answering an ad for a sex slave to a survivalist man in the mountains.

Jack lives in the mountains away from most and wants a sex slave for his retreat. He now has a plan that keeps him and her happy for as long as he wants.

Anyone wanting a shocking story of slave training will enjoy Freedom Hall. Full of sex and control, the background story keeps the tale from being frightening.

The Party

Kim has left her restrictive home for a school she cannot afford. Jim offers her a chance to pay for school in a manner she could not believe.

Jim thinks Kim can be the perfect young slave and offers her a chance to pay for school in return for slavery.

The Party is a well thought out story with plenty of details and conflict. There are unique ideals and plenty of support characters. Unfortunately, it came across as little more than prostitution and debasement.

A Question of Balance

A cop working the hard side of the streets is a slave at home to her partner who works at a strip club.

Loving a lady cop is never easy, but keeping her in line can lead to a thrilling night. When the cop takes out a hard day on her partner, the pay back at a strip club can lead to more than she expects.

This story of the book is the one that best reflects love for the woman, while still having a very dominant back drop. The sex is wonderful and complements the slavery.

Bondage Fantasies is exciting, sexy, bothersome, and intriguing at the same time. I felt the author enjoyed writing the book and wants readers to share in his unique voyage. While not for the faint of heart, this is a great book for those who want strong men with young subjugated women who are owned and cared for.

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