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ISBN: 13-9780758238993
June 2010
Aphrodisia, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp.
$14.00-USA/ $16.95-CAN
256 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Secret Desires

Lydia Burke is shy, clumsy, and feels like she is unlovable. But underneath her bashful demeanor lays a hidden desire; one that would shock almost everyone who knows her.

Dane Gentry is one of the three partners at the law firm that Lydia works for. He has another job, one that would send his clientele running for the hills if they knew what it was.

After making a bet with her two best friends, Lydia reveals part of her secret desire. To have wild, passionate, no-holds-barred sex with a perfect stranger. Having her fantasy become reality in more than one way has Lydia’s head spinning. What will happen when she realizes that the men who have touched, caressed, and licked every inch of her body are men she sees on a daily basis?

Secret Desires is a fiery story that fills your senses with every erotic storyline and has you craving more. I love the way Lydia is shown as this almost mousy woman but in reality, she is this passionate, sizzling woman just waiting to be controlled. Dante has hidden his true feelings for two long years and as the reader you get to see each emotional hurdle he overcomes. What a tantalizingly perfect way to start this book!

Turn Me On

Dr. Roni Smart is frustrated with both her personal life as well as her computer. Men seem to treat her like some fragile doll and her computer is on the fritz…again.

Jake Cornick owns J.C. Computer Repair. When the call comes in to repair Dr. Smart’s computer again, he goes himself to see why the problem has not been resolved.

When Roni meets Jake, she is instantly attracted to the rugged man. But she is not sure how he will deal with her dominatrix ways. Jake shows her exactly how he feels about being dominated and dominating in the bedroom. Can Roni save the relationship after Jake overhears a conversation that devastates him and has her realizing how much he means to her?

Turn Me On is such a compelling story mostly due to how Roni really gets to find herself in this story. She comes across as such a strong, independent, dominating woman who blooms when the right man helps her realize who she really is. Anne Rainey uses such erotic experiences to describe each and every sex scene. This is one hot tale that adds to this already outstanding novel.

Tasty Treats

For six months Jeanette Williams has fantasized about her Motorcycle Man. He comes into The Coffee House, the café she owns, has a cup of decaf coffee and then leaves her aching with desire.

Hunter Trace does not even like coffee. But one look at the delectable owner has him wanting to sample her tasty treats.

Jeanette aches to introduce herself to Hunter, but it is he who makes the first move. From there it evolves into something straight out of one of her fantasies. When all is said and done though, will it be just a quick fling for him because Jeanette knows that when it comes to the sexy man her heart is already involved. Can Hunter get her to see past her narrow view of herself to see the sexy, passionate woman that lay beneath?

Tasty Treats is a story that will touch all of us with the issues of insecurities, self-image, and feeling less-than-stellar in the forefront of this tale. I love the mystery surrounding Hunter and the image he portrays in his sexy motorcycle clothing. The sex scenes are hot enough to burn you and leave you feeling scorched. I absolutely loved this tale.

Body Rush is the story of three women who are best friends with different characteristics as well as different sexual needs. Tired of having fantasies that are unresolved, Lydia makes a bet with Roni and Jeanette that each of them must complete their fantasy. But none of them expected the bet to alter their lives in such a way. This amazing book was so awesome! The stories intertwined with each other and though they are all written by the same author, Anne Rainey gives a distinct and different voice to each tale. With red-hot sex, hot and heavy BDSM, and three alpha males to make this book almost dangerous. You will not be disappointed!

Caution: While primarily an m/f book, it does contain a scene of m/m/f/m as well as voyeurism, sex involving food, spanking, BDSM, anal play, anal sex, and enough sex for sensory overload!

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