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ISBN #: 978-1-59596-400-7
June 2006
Changeling Press
71 Pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Kennedy has been working in the mailroom of FBS for a while when the doorman Edgar informs her that she is the descendant of an Egyptian goddess. She is to go to superhero boot camp to learn about her new job. Too bad her trainer is so obnoxious, and so hot.

Darren, aka Captain Daring, is in charge of training new recruits for OOMPH. The superhero business is not what it used to be. His latest trainee, Latex Man, delivers condoms to horny teenagers in need, not exactly saving the world.

A mailroom clerk is snatched from her job and sent to train to be a super hero. Her trainer’s former love threatens them both and anyone who gets in her way.

As usual, Ms Cassidy has written an extremely funny paranormal with lots of hot love scenes. Darren is hard to like until the end, but I loved the spunky Kennedy. The author really does a good job describing the training facility; which is kind of like a police academy. The other super heroes are really quirky, especially Latex Man, as are the gadgets that Kennedy needs to be Thunder Woman.

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