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ISBN: 978-0-553-80486-7
January 26, 2010
Bantam Books
320 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Still feeling very much a stranger in her own body, Diana Brisco has nevertheless become an integral part of Bishop’s SCU team. The uncertainty she feels recedes as she enters gray time, but even that has become increasingly tainted.

Since the showdown with Samuel, no one has been left unaffected, including Quentin Hayes. His shielding abilities are changing, along with other as yet unexplainable feelings, but one thing is certain, and that is his driving need to keep Diana safe.

Serenade, Tennessee is such a picturesque little town it should be the last place the FBI’s Special Crime Unit might find an epicenter of hideous and horrific violence, but that is exactly what is happening. Miranda Bishop’s team is drawn into a cat and mouse game, torn between hunting for a killer, and struggling to understand the meaning behind it all. Diana is especially vulnerable to an unknown horror lurking in the one place she always considered, if not exactly safe, at least familiar. Quentin is struggling to give Diana the space she needs to heal, and dealing with the unbearable feeling that if he lessens his vigilance, she could be gone from him forever.

Knowing the background and special abilities of these characters is crucial to understanding the intricacies of this ever changing plot. There is nothing typical or ordinary about the players and their roles in each other’s lives or in this story. I certainly encourage reading this series in its proper order, but even standing on its own, Blood Ties is sure to keep you clutched in its grip. There is so much yet to understand and learn about these amazing characters, I can only imagine and anticipate the thrills and chills to come.

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