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  My Vampire and I series
  Book 1-My Vampire and I
  Book 2- My Vampire Lover
  Book 3 - Duet in Blood
  Book 4 - Blood Resurrection
  Book 5 - Bound in Blood

ISBN# 978-1-906811-62-4
April 2009
Total E-Bound
138 pages
Vampire Gay Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Bernard Fournier is an experienced vampire with the added bonus of having the ancient blood of Marcus Verano running in his veins. When Bernard meets Pietro Dante, it is love at first sight. But after a century of love, can Bernard keep them both alive against the biggest threat in centuries.

Constantine di Filipo was born half demon half-human living only to serve his father, a demon that plans on ruling the world and bringing about the end of days. Everything changes when Constantine meets Gustav Werner, and love makes his human half come to the forefront, overpowering the demon in him.

When the new pope is found dead and the replacement is a demon hell bent on world domination, it is up to the vampires to stop him. Bernard and Constantine need to work together, but can they really trust each other? And who is going to keep Gustav safe? As the only human in the group, he is the prime target.

Blood Resurrection is book four in the My Vampire and I series. It completely stands alone and leaves no questions unanswered. This unique, exciting double romance captivates you from start to finish. With a refreshing aspect of all gay couples and in a world where they are not persecuted, the strong, independent characters and gripping story are just a bonus.

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