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Blood Series
Book 1: Blood Purple

Blood Series, Book 1
September 2012
XoXo Publishing
105 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Nikole Kadin, princess of Algula, is determined to join and fight in her brother’s army to protect her people. After failing the last test, she goes to a local nightclub to meet up with her best friend, Adara. Once there, she and Adara meet two men who are more than they seem. This meeting will lead to a series of events that will test her strengths, her bonds with her brother and her best friend.

Zayn, Algula’s king, just wants what is best for his sister and for his people. He is alarmed when he learns the identity of one of the men she and Adara have met, as the man is a known mercenary. This meeting may lead to danger for his sister and possibly his people…danger they face by hiding to escape. So he will have to become more of a king to his people.

Algula, a kingdom of vampires, originates from the Middle East. In 1776, a great war causes the king and his people to flee to the new world where they live in secret. The king’s uncle, Hadar, has vowed to take the kingdom that should have been his, no matter who or what he has to sacrifice. A new war will start. New loyalties and relationships will form. The current ones will be tested.

The novel has a strong beginning and solid back-story. Too bad transitions of scenes and character point-of-view’s are choppy and sometimes confusing to the general flow. The characters are engaging and entertaining despite being dramatic and with a tendency to be impulsive. Ms. Nemer’s concept for vampires is rather interesting, so there is much potential for a great story, which I would like to see fleshed out more.

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