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ISBN#: 0615515487
September 2011
Dancing with Bear Publishing
324 Pages
Romantic Suspense/Mystery
Rating: 4 Cups

DeShay Graywater is an archeologist. She is also Lakota and uses her skills to learn about her ancestors. During a trip to a dig site, she finds the dead body of a young woman. DeShay is psychic but has not fully developed her gift yet; she is still learning.

TJ Hawke is also Lakota and a detective with the local tribal police. He is the one who arrives on the scene and meets DeShay at the dig site. He is in love with Melina Wolfe, who left him after her parents were killed.

Melina Wolfe is Lakota FBI agent, and is the federal agent who is brought in to help investigate the death of the young woman found by DeShay Graywater. She is still in love with Hawke, but she values her job.

When DeShay goes out to her dig site, she has no idea that her life is about to change in more ways than one. Knowing something is not right, she begins walking around her dig site and finds a body. She calls 911, and Detective Hawke arrives not long after and the search for Abby’s killer is on. With the search comes a former girlfriend who Hawke loves very much and still wants to marry. But Melina is now an FBI agent and convincing her to marry him, settle down, and move back to rez are tall orders. Even if she agrees, there is still the matter of finding Abby’s killer and putting her spirit to rest, a spirit the three parties can still feel the presence of. DeShay, Hawke, and Melina know they must use the gifts handed down to them from their ancestors of watching their environment and the wildlife in it to help them find clues, and figure out who killed Abby. As each clue is revealed, it becomes clear that someone knows more than they are letting on, but will this person help them? If not, how will they be able to prove that the person they believe killed Abby really did? Because none of them are going to rest until Abby’s killer is brought to justice, and the riddle of the blood on the feather found with Abby’s body is solved.

I found Blood on the Feather to be a delightful blend of Lakota stories, tradition, spiritual beliefs, and modern police work. Being Lakota myself, I initially asked for this book because I was hoping that someone would finally get it right. So many books written about Native Americans, and particularly fictional ones often have such glaring mistakes that I find myself throwing the book down in disgust, or deleting the book from my computer before I have even finished it. This did not happen for me with Blood on the Feather. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised. Some of the book does read a bit like a textbook on Lakota traditions and stories, but if you can overlook that, then I am sure you will find this story just as heart stirring as I did. The connections the main characters have with each other, their environment and the land itself is true to life and is the reality of Native American life even in this modern day. Quite simply this story warms the heart. If you are looking for an accurate novel about modern day Native Americans, and enjoy some romantic suspense and mystery mixed in with your stories, then I highly recommend Blood on the Feather by Melinda Elmore.

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