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Bloodlines Series

Book 1: Blood Magick
Book 2: Zombie Love
Book 3: Zombie Wedding

Book 1 in the Bloodlines Series
ISBN#: Unavailable
May 2011
Angry Sheep Publishing
180 Pages
Urban Fantasy with Romantic Elements
Rating: 5 Cups

Bebe Zachary is a physician working for Doctors Without Borders in Africa when she finds out her grandmother has died and named her her successor to lead their coven. There is only one problem, Bebe does not want it, any of it. Too bad others do and will do anything to get Bebe out of the way, including trying to kill her.

Caesar Augustine is a wealthy vampire and was close friends with Bebe’s grandmother. He believes Bebe’s grandmother was murdered. She also asked Caesar to protect Bebe. Too bad, Bebe is having none of it since her parents were killed by rogue vampires as a child and she witnessed the whole thing.

All Bebe wants to do is get her hands on her grandmother’s Book of Shadows and hand it over to the elders. The book in the wrong hands could spell disaster for everyone. Unfortunately, all of her grandmother’s stuff is being auctioned off and she is outbid by Caesar, who does not recognize her, for the wardrobe that holds the coveted Book of Shadows. Determined, Bebe attempts to get the book and instead gets caught snooping in the wardrobe by Caesar. Before she gets another opportunity, the wardrobe is gone. Bebe goes into hiding and begins planning an attack on the handsome vampire’s home. Before she can put her plan into action, Caesar finds her, as do assassins. But Caesar is not pure evil as Bebe wants to believe, and when he takes several deadly bullets for her, she can no longer continue to believe this. His survival just shows the initial attraction between the two is very real, though neither feels they can truly act on it. After all vampirism is a virus and transmitted sexually, so no matter how much the two may want each other, a relationship is impossible, or is it? It may be a moot point if they cannot find out who wants Bebe dead and what it is that is in Bebe’s grandmother’s Book of Shadows.

Whew! Talk about keep you on the edge of your seat entertainment. This is one book that will keep you turning the pages long into the night, there is never a dull moment. Paranormal romance is one of my favorite genres and Ms. Harden has done a wonderful job of mixing it with urban fantasy in this lovely tome. Bebe and Caesar are the perfect match despite Caesar’s little vampirism problem. It is very funny how these two people who would seemingly be on opposite sides of the fence so to speak come together in such delightful ways. Bebe is the perfect snarky foil for Caesar’s more dry wit and I found myself laughing at the barbs they kept tossing each other’s way. Each is afraid to trust the other, but boy do they want to! The sexual tension just ratchets higher and higher the farther into the story you get, and I found myself wondering when the explosion was finally going to take place. This is a truly lovely story and I for one cannot wait to read the next installment. If you love urban fantasy mixed with your romance then you simply must pick up a copy of Blood Magick, it is truly delightful!

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