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ISBN #Unavailable
January 2011
Self Published
337 Pages
Gothic Comedy/Romance (should have been listed YA)
Rating: 3 Cups

Lauren is a loner and an underachiever. She comes from a wealthy family, but her parents have little time for her, though they are very strict. She is worried about what they will say about her grades.

Cidriel is a guardian angel on his first assignment. He is handsome and fierce looking in a warrior angel sort of way.

Lauren is visited by her guardian angel who warns her that he is there to save her from murder and betrayal among other things. She, being a stubborn teenager, does not believe him of course and she soon finds herself drugged and on a private plane to Scotland to marry Laird Hugh MacBreach of Tomindoul. She is truly a fish out of water and the situation is dangerous. There is also a cryptic prophesy that she seems to be a part of. She wishes that she listened to Cidriel and hopes that somehow he will save her.

This is a fun, if implausible story. The author leaves the reader as much in the dark as Lauren as to what is going to happen next, so you experience everything much as she does. Lauren is supposed to be an American girl, but there is little to indicate this in the story; her dialogue, schooling, and general outlook are definitely more British. There is some humor in the plot, but I would not call it a comedy. The characters are very vividly drawn and some of them are quite colorful. Mia, a distant cousin, who clearly has designs on the Laird, is a nasty piece of work. She is always putting Lauren down while pretending to show her how to go on. The story ends a bit abruptly but is fun while it lasts.

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