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ISBN# 9781771303385/(10)1771303514,/(13)978771303514
29 March 2013
Evernight Publishing
190 Pages
Paranormal Teen Suspense Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Sarah Perkins is fed up with her mom and her life. After finding her father’s journal, she runs away to his home town to feel closer to him and discover how he died. When she meets Drake Conners, she has trouble focusing on her investigation and cannot fight the pull of attraction to him. With so many strange and unsettling things happening, it is nice to have such a sweet guy to turn to. Especially when that nice guy says he loves her.

Isabella Lynnes loves Thomas but can only meet him in secret. His father, the Magistrate Lundsford, does not approve of them. Each time she meets him, she is at risk of being branded a witch and burned at the stake. Now she is having disturbing dreams and fears Mother Shipton, whom she is certain is a witch. Still, she will not let anything stand in the way of her feelings for Thomas. Will they manage to be happy someday, or will his father stand in the way?

Everything starts with the star-crossed lovers–Isabella and Thomas. Now it is up to Sarah to finish it once and for all. As Sarah and Drake search for clues to her father’s untimely death, things become dangerous. Sarah feels she is a target of the local occult. No matter how alone she feels, Drake is always by her side, which is definitely a blessing when in a strange town where there are few like you.

I have some confusion about why there is a time jump between the past and the present throughout the book and the connection between the different time periods. Toward the end, it is revealed, which adds some nice emotion to the back story. Though the story is rich with details, at times it can be a bit more descriptive than necessary. That said, it is a decent suspense story that holds its secrets until the end. The main protagonist has many obstacles to overcome, while largely alone and misunderstood. The relationship between Sarah and her mother is strained at best, but the growth between them seems to be genuine. Young love adds a sweet underlying plot to the story, and the ending is satisfactory.

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