Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN #: 1-60601-897-3
July 2010
59 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Aziza/Alana is a beautiful and sweet young woman destined to love one man in her life however short that life might be. She is brave and loyal to her family.

Amon has lived for centuries serving his God. He hates that his bite kills most and is in perpetual mourning for the woman he lost just before he was turned.

It has been centuries since Amon lost his only love, and he still mourns her. Words cannot describe how he feels when he finds her again so many years later.

The author’s descriptions are vivid and the characters are compelling, but the constant to and froing between the past and present can be confusing. I particularly liked Alana/Aziza. The tone of the story is a bit serious and the ending odd and strangely unsatisfying. It is an interesting and unique take on the origin of vampires.

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