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Book #1 Blood Revelation Series
ISBN#: 978-1-933417-05-9
March 2010
Imajinn Books
$14.00/$6.00 e-book
227 Pages
Romantic Suspense (Paranormal)
Rating: 4 Cups

Rialto Renaldi is a vampire who is haunted by his past and he is not eager to meet the woman who has been haunting his dreams for over two decades. The last time he got too close to an ephemeral human, he lost the woman he loved and he almost destroyed himself.

Aria Michaels is an artistic loner bent on avenging her mother's murder. She is used to depending on only herself and has trouble trusting anyone besides herself and her mother. Growing up a biracial child in a small town full of prejudices has left its mark and Aria has spent a lifetime making sure no one gets close enough to hurt her again.

When Aria becomes a vampire hunter in the hopes of finding the monster that killed her mother, she cannot imagine she will end up working with one of the very creatures she is looking to annihilate. Rialto knows that if he does not help her, Aria will not give up, even if it means injury or death. What neither of them expects is that the search for a killer is only the beginning and their connection runs deep. Fate has brought them together as part of the Blood Revelation Prophecy and the roles they play may save the world from Satan.

In Blood Curse, Crystal-Rain Love pulls off a fantastic romantic mystery while creating a passionate world full of vampires and witches. The hero and heroine make this story seem so believable with their endearing faults and insecurities. I felt emotionally invested in what happened with these two strong characters and enjoyed their tempestuous connection. The environment the author builds vividly comes to life, filling it with a strong supporting cast and a fast-paced plot. I cannot wait to read the next installment of this series, as I am sure it will take me along for as intense a ride as this story did.

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